TravBuddy is a social travel app to find a travel plan and a traveler for a unique travel experience. When you travel together you travel smarter as it is light on your pocket and gives you a wholesome new experience with a stranger.

Having lived in 2 countries, travel has always been a huge part of my life. This motivated me to create a product that could help travel enthusiasts find unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences as well as fellow adventurers to share the travel experience with.

Role: Product Designer, UX Researcher

Team: Individual

Tools: Figma

Timeline: 3 weeks in Jan 2021


Solo travelers struggle to find unique travel experiences and people to enjoy them with.

Most millennial solo travelers aren’t looking for a Top 10 Things to Do list on Trip Advisor when they travel. Instead, they want the unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences that are…

Learning analytics in e-learning can be utilized in virtual lab scenarios to help teachers to analyze student’s interactions effectively and efficiently. We are going through a middle of a pandemic where the new normal is online learning. E-learning is here to stay and hence teachers need to have tools to judge how the students are utilizing the online materials.

A solution is hereby presented to show how xAPI (Experience API) can be used to generate details about student interaction. A dashboard is also build following the rigorous design thinking methodology to provide a good user experience. …

Prantik Chatterjee

Multidisciplinary Designer and Developer. Find me at:

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